St. Louis Pennsylvanian Fossils of the Altamont Formation

Middle Pennsylvanian Series
Desmoinesian Stage
Marmaton Group
Altamont Formation

This is the Altamont Formation exposed at the I-170 road cut.
The fossiliferous Lake Neosho Shale Member is exposed below
the resistant Worland Limestone. All fossil specimens illustrated
on the following pages were found at this road cut.

I-170 Pennsylvanian exposure

At this location the Altamont Formation includes the Lake Neosho Shale Member
overlain by the Worland Limestone Member. In other places the Altamont also
includes the Amoret Limestone Member at its base, but a definite Amoret cannot
be recognized here. As a result, the Lake Neosho Shale rests directly on the
underlying Bandera Formation.

This is a research web site. As identifications come in, the individual fossil pages
are updated. Identifications are posted based on information at the time. Viewers
are encouraged to make any comments that might be of helpful. A large project
such as this cannot be accomplished by just one individual.

The Fossil Menu only represents a small percentage
of the specimens collected.  There will be numerous additions.

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My library is listed here to help with networking.
It is easier to refer to book, page, and plate when
others are referring to the same reference.

Special thanks to the following
for volunteering their time and expertise

Alan Goldstein
Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb
Dr. Chris L. Schneider
Jack Null
Jeanean Slamen
Dr. John R. Anderson
John McLeod
Dr. John Pojeta, Jr.
Dr. Karl A. Wilson
Mark McKinzie
Michael Orock
Dr. Norm R. King
Richard Gottfried
Dr. Roger K. Pabian
Dr. Steven R. Hill
Dr. Tomas E. Yancey

About the project

This web site is devoted to a study of the Altamont Formation, containing
the fossiliferous Lake Neosho Shale, at one locality in the St. Louis
Missouri, Pennsylvanian Outlier.

I have spent over 15 years collecting the fossils at this road cut near the
intersection of I-70 and I-170 in St. Louis. When I meet people in the
area who don't know me and I tell them what I do and where I collect,
they say "Oh, so you're That Guy on the Side of the Road!"

After spending years collecting the site, I made a decision to
research and identify the fossil specimens and publish the results
as a web publication -- A way of helping to provide information on
the Pennsylvanian of the area and to help others working with
Pennsylvanian fossils.

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Nebraska's Invertebrate Fossils
by: Dr. Roger K. Pabian

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This website is presented to showcase Carboniferous fossils of the
Moscow region of Russia; an area that is world famous for beautifully
preserved fossils.

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