Russia-USA joint venture Paleontology project
Language separates us ... Pictures bring us together
Alexander Davydov (Moscow, Russia)
Barry Sutton
(St. Louis, Missouri - USA)

Carboniferous Fossils of Russia
Produced by: Barry Sutton, Alexander Davydov and Tom Yancey
This website is presented to showcase Carboniferous fossils of the
Moscow region of Russia; an area that is world famous for beautifully
preserved fossils.

Summer fossil hunt (Russia)

Once on a rainy day ...

Jurassic fossil hunt (Russia)

Paleontology and Geology of Missouri
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This site is about the Jurassic of Russia and adjacent areas.
Publications, history and present-day information on the
Jurassic of Russia.

We would like to introduce you to our little friend. Alexander met him
on the "Summer fossil hunt in Russia." Our little friend enjoys fossil hunting
and finds a lot of fossils because his eyes are close to the ground.
Our little friend now accompanies us on all of our adventures.

The Pictures on all web sites are the sole and personal property
of Alexander Davydov and Barry Sutton. Unauthorized use
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Pictures are worth a thousand words
Language separates us ... Pictures bring us together

Barry Sutton and Alexander Davydov

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