Ice Spears

In late November, 2007 while chasing our cat who escaped into the back yard
and ran under my truck, I noticed some weird ice crystals protruding from the
tailgate. (These photos were taken after I caught the cat and took him back into
the house.) It had rained on the preceding day and then got cold overnight. A
little research (see "New Scientist" Dec. 27, 2003 issue, pages 38-39) has found
that these crystals are formed when the surface freezes while below the temperature
is about 4 degrees warmer. They apparently form in less than 10 minutes! These
seven photos were taken at about 10:30 am.

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Ice spears on tailgate

Ice spears

Ice spear twins

Ice spear zoned

Ice spear 6cm

Ice spear 8cm

Alan Goldstein

Here is a link that illustrates how these crystals are formed.
You can click on the pictures to Magnify
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