Large cephalopods (and a bryozoan) from the Salem Limestone

The Salem Limestone, Osagean, Middle Mississippian is widespread. Found in Indiana - Kentucky west to Illiniois - Iowa - Missouri, in many locations it is known for its micro-fossils, where sediment was sorted by size the sand-size fossils dominate. The Indiana Building Stone is quarried where the grain-size is uniformally small. In Kentucky the Salem Limestone contains more clay. The Somerset Shale Member lying below the limestone is widespread in Kentucky pinching out a short distance inside Indiana. In Kentucky, fossils run from micro to maco.

These nautiloids do not seem to match any illustrations in the books on the Salem fauna I have have access to. If anyone has an idea what they would be, please post a comment to the Paleolist group.

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Associated with the large cephalopods was this "mother-of-all" bryozoans.
This is the largest Fistulipora spergenensis I have ever seen (much less collected)!

Alan Goldstein

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