Crinoid and Prep work station

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Culmicrinus sp. - Mississippian crinoid
Chester Series - Bangor Formation - Alabama

work station view 1

work station view 2

I built the new workstation out of the necessity of preparing large slabs. It is
30" X 30" X 8" inside dimensions. The site glass is 12" square, so that I can
see to prep even the middle of large pieces. The microscope sits free on its'
ring light so that it can be moved to different positions on the glass. I used
piano hinge on the door, and there is a deflector strip covering it on the inside
to prevent the abrasive from getting to it. There are pressure latches on each
side of the door rather than hasps, that way I can prevent it from sagging open
or having a crack between the door and cabinet when it is latched while I am
working. There are also deflector strips around the door.

Carl Cook

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