Results of Recent Fossil Collecting In Clark Co., Indiana
and Jefferson Co., Kentucky

Devonian fossils from Clark Co., Indiana

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Large branching colony of the tabulate coral Thamnoptychia alternans
(Rominger) with Aulocystis frutectosa (Davis) encrusting one branch.
From the North Vernon Formation, Middle Devonian, Atkins Quarry.

Large curving branch of Thamnoptychia alternans (Rominger),
with the same stratigraphic and locality data. This has been
reconstructed from several smooth breakage points when
washed out of the enclosing soil.

A compact bushy colony of Aulocystis frutectosa (Davis) of an
auloporid tabulate coral. Same stratigraphic and locality data.

A large colony of Aulocystis frutectosa (Davis) showing the sub-soil
between some of the corallites. Same stratigraphic and locality data.

Dolatocrinus (possibly D. grandis) from the North Vernon Formation,
Middle Devonian, Cooper Lane Quarry. Crinoids of this size and quality
are extremely rare.

Elaeacrinus verneuili (Roemer) from the Jeffersonville Limestone,
Middle Devonian. This was actually collected at the Essroc Quarry in
Clark Co., Indiana in the fall of 2004, but is similar to the specimen
collected in June.

The images below are from the Coral Ridge member of the new
Providence Shale, lower-most Osagean, Middle Mississippian,
from southern Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Images shot through a
binocular microscope.

Conularid - this one is about as sharp as I have every found
when three-dimensionally preserved.

Conularid - more typical in a nodule.

Philibole conkini (Hessler) - an enrolled, pyritized trilobite
from the type locality.

Same as above, showing pygidium.

Alan Goldstein

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