Strobeus primigenius (Conrad, 1835)

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Strobeus primigenius (Conrad, 1835) Strobeus primigenius (Conrad, 1835)
Strobeus primigenius (Conrad, 1835)

General abundance: (Adults) Rare
The majority of adult specimens were collected at the limestone shale boundary.
General abundance: (Juveniles) Common
The Juveniles are common in the middle to upper sections of the shale.

Special thanks to Dr. Tom Yancey for the identification and references.

Viewer comments:

This is a very globose species of gastropod and also one that grew
very large as an adult. Hoare (1961) has a reasonably good illustration
of it, but the specimen he illustrates is a young individual that shows
a more pointed spire. The sharp spire is often broken off or worn down
on larger specimens. Hoare lists it as Ianthinopsis, but that genus name
is no longer used for these gastropods. There is a better illustration in
Plummer & Moore (1921).

Dr. Tom Yancey


Hoare, R.D., 1961, Desmoinesian Brachiopoda and Mollusca from
Southwest Missouri; University of Missouri Press, p. 189, pl.23, figs.11-13

Plummer, F.B., and Moore, R.C., 1921, Stratigraphy of the
Pennsylvanian formations of north-central Texas; University of Texas
Bulletin 2132, p. 151, pl.22, figs.1-2

Phylum Mollusca
chitons cephalopods clams gastropods rostroconchs

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