Temnocheilus annulonodosus ?
nautiloid cephalopod

Temnocheilus annulonodosus

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Temnocheilus annulonodosus  Temnocheilus annulonodosus  Temnocheilus annulonodosus

Temnocheilus annulonodosus  Temnocheilus annulonodosus  Temnocheilus annulonodosus

Temnocheilus annulonodosus
Temnocheilus annulonodosus

Collected from the bioclastic shale at the top of the Lake Neosho Shale.

General abundance:  Rare
Small to medium broken pieces: Common

Some have observed a few fracture lines in this specimen.
It took some effort to free it from it's home of 302 Million Years.
Stubborn critter ... It came out in (I forget how many) pieces. However,
I was successful in putting "Humpty Dumpty" back together again!

Phylum:  Mollusca
Class:     Cephalopoda
Order:     Nautilida
Genus:    Temnocheilus
annulonodosus ?

Viewer Comments:

Your identification of this "knobbed" cephalopod is correct.
Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb


Fossils of Ohio
Bulletin #70 (blue cover) 1996
page 188-189 (fig. 1)
Pennsylvanian nautiloid cephalopod
Temnocheilus annulonodosus Sturgeon, Windle, Mapes & Hore

Phylum Mollusca
chitons cephalopods clams gastropods rostroconchs

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