Pseudozygopleura scitula (Meek & Worthen, 1860)
high spiral gastropod

Pseudozygopleura scitula
Pseudozygopleura scitula (Meek & Worthen, 1860)

General abundance:  Uncommon

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Viewer Comments:

Pseudozygopleura scitula is distinctive in being so large, compared
to other pseudozygopleurids. J. B. Knight (1930) obtained specimens
from a 25 foot interval stretching across (above and below) the Belleville
coal. Your specimen is beautiful and very well preserved. A 2 cm size
is gigantic among the pseudozygopleurids.
Dr. Tom Yancey


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Phylum Mollusca
chitons cephalopods clams gastropods rostroconchs

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