Kozlowskia haydenensis (Girty, 1903)
Brachial interior view

Kozlowskia haydenensis (Girty, 1903)
Kozlowskia haydenensis (Girty, 1903)

General abundance:  Uncommon

This is a view of the interior of the brachial valve, showing large
looped ridges that were attachment structures for the feeding organ
(called a lophophore) and muscles. The straight ridge between the
loops is the median septum, a structure useful in recognizing some
brachs. At the top of the photo the stubby projection is the
"cardinal process", a part of the shell extending beyond the
hingeline that provides a place for muscles to attach that can open
and close the two valves of the shell.


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Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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