Conodont fossils of the Gzhelian Stage
Gzhel quarry, Gzhel village


   1  Idiognathodus simulator Ellison
 2  Idiognathodus sinistrium Chernych
 3  Streptognathodus pawhuskaensis Harris & Hollingsworth
 4  Streptognathodus elegantulus Stauffer & Plummer
 5  Idiognathodus toretzianus Kozitskaya

 Conodont species identifications verified by
 Dr. Aleksandr Alekseev, Moscow


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Conodonts of the basal Gzhelian stage.  In stratigraphic sections, the base of
the Gzhelian stage is identified by the lowest occurrence (first appearance)
of the conodont species Idiognathodus simulator.

Stratigraphy and Sediments

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Gzhel quarry, Gzhel village

Stratigraphy and Sediments
Gzhel quarry, Gzhel village

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