How to add pictures to the Photo Album
Paleolist members only

Some members have asked if there is a fee for this service.
The service is free to all members of the Paleolist.
Only list members are permitted to add pages to the album.

Please read the entire page

Simply start by sending me an e-mail (e-mail link below) telling me how many pictures you would like to post. I will reply with instructions on attaching the picture(s) to an e-mail.

Do not re-size or make adjustments to the original pictures thinking you would be helping me. I have a high-speed connection, so large pictures attached to e-mails will not be a problem. I would prefer to re-size and tweak the pictures to insure the highest possible clarity.

For best results ... take several pictures at different distances which will allow me to choose the best images to edit for the web pages. This suggestion applies to images of fossils as well as field photos.

Taking pictures of fossils outside on a sunny day is recommended. Images taken indoors often result in focus issues and unnatural colors. The closer your camera lens is to the subject ... the more light is required.

Fossil images should have something in the frame to show scale. Many enjoy "fossil in hand" images when possible. The human hand is an excellent scale. Other examples of scales can be a field hammer, non-reflective coin, ruler, car keys, a pencil ... etc.

Example pages showing various scales: Example 1   Example 2
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The quality of images that appear on your page is in direct proportion to the number of images that you send me. You can attach a few images to a number of e-mails.

After your web page is built ...

I will reply with the link to view the page(s) before it is added to the Paleolist photo album menu. You then will have the opportunity to let me know any changes you would like. The page will not be added to the menu until you are satisfied.

When you e-mail me letting me know that you are satisfied with page ... I will send you an e-mail letting you know that your page has been added the Paleolist photo album and you are free to send your post to the list.

The only requirement is that the member posts an e-mail to the Paleolist to inform the membership of a new addition to the album.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, changes, and additions to the Paleolist photo album. This would include adding previously deleted pages to the Menu for the purpose of a current discussion. I maintain an archive of all removed pages so it only takes a minute add the original page to the present menu.

Fossil identification is almost impossible with out seeing a picture.

Please feel free to discuss any of the above subjects prior to sending me images.

Barry Sutton

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