Mississippian strata in Illinois
from Handbook of Illinois Stratigraphy:

Chesterian Stage
Grove Creek Shale (Sh)
Kindkaid Limestone (Ls)
Degonia Sandstone (Ss)
Clore Formation (Fm)
Palestine Ss
Menard Ls
Waltersburg Fm
Vienna Ls
Tar Springs Ss
Glen Dean Ls
Hardinsburg Ss
Haney Ls - Golconda Group
Fraileys Sh - Golconda Group
Beech Creek Ls - Golconda Group
Cypress Ss
Ridenour Fm
Bethel Ss
Downeys Bluff Ls
Yankeetown Ss
Renault Ls

Valmeyeran Stage
Aux Vases Ss (=Rosiclare Ss)
Ste. Genevieve Ls
St. Louis Ls
Salem Ls
Ullin Ls
Fort Payne Fm (in SE Illinois)
Borden Siltstone

Kinderhookian Stage (in SE Illinois)
Chouteau Ls
Hannibal Sh

Alan Goldstein

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