Ice formations along the Ohio River

Spectacular ice along the edge of the Ohio River forms when there
are a few days and nights below 20F in a row. Colder is better.

Mist blows off the river and it immediately freezes on anything it touches.
Every blade of grass, twig and log gets coated with ice. As the sun shines
on it, melting begins and forms rows of icicles. It freezes again when the
sun gets low, or on a cloudy day or overnight.

Grasses, shrubs, trees and rocks are coated with a heavy layer of ice.

Small trees look like icy aliens emerging from the river.

A small tree growing in a small joint fracture in the Devonian
limestone is heavily ice-coated.

Sun melts the ice enough to create rows of icicles on small branches.

Conditions this dramatic occur every few years. Multiple days of temperatures
below 20 degrees and a nice breeze from the south to southwest create these
fantasyland. We don't encourage visitors on the river bank under these conditions
because icy rocks are obviously a bit hazardous! Slipping into the river can be
deadly under these conditions.

Alan Goldstein

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