Lower Devonian Trilobite

Tristates Group
Esopus Formation
Orange County, New York

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Dalmanites emarginatus

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I believe this is a partial cast of a trilobite. According to Kindle & Eidman, 1955,
the only trilobites found at this location are: Anchiopsis anchiops (Hall),
Anchiopsis anchiops var. sobrinas (Hall), Phacops cristata var. pipa Hall,
and Proteus folliceps Hall and Clarke.

Clarke, 1909 lists only one trilobite from this location: Dalmanites emarginatus Hall.

Based upon a review of the sketches in Shimer and Shrock, 1944,
I vote for Anchiopsis anchiops (Hall).

All suggestions, comments, identifications, and guesses are welcome.

Tom Buckley


Steve Pavelsky has ID'd this trilobite as a Dalmanitid. The only mention I can
find of a Dalminitid from this site is Dalmmanites emarginatus Hall in Clarke,
Early Devonic History of New York and Eastern North America,
Memoir 9, Part 2, 1909.

02-16-09 update

It seems that the reason I could find no information on Dalmanites emarginatus is
that in a paper in 1975, Lesperance moved certain Dalmantids into the Synphoriidae
family. The Synphoriidae were further subdivided into subfamilies, Synphoriinae and
Trypaulitinae. Within Trypaulitanae two new genera were created: Forillonaria and
Schoharia (type: Dalmanites emarginatus Hall. 1876).

So, the new designation for my trilobite is: Schoharie emarginatus
(type: Dalmanites emarginatus Hall, 1876).

Perhaps of some significance is that the type specimen for this species remains a partial
pygidium. My specimen, being a partial thorax, may have some scientific value? All that is
needed now is a partial cephalon.

Tom Buckley

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