Unknown Mississippian Crinoid
Now Identified: Eratocrinus commaticus (Miller, 1891)

Warsaw Formation
St. Louis, Missouri

Eratocrinus commaticus (Miller, 1891)

The crown is approximately 1 1/2 inches.

I would appreciate help with identification and references.

Chris Cozart


This crinoid reminds me of Adinocrinus nodosus, which occurs in older
Borden Group sediments. Bill Ausich can probably accurately identify
this specimen.

Alan Goldstein

This Mississippian crinoid is a beauty. This one is an inadunate, probably a
Zeacrinitid as suggested by the endotomous branching of the arms.

Roger Pabian

We are fortunate that we have a crinoid person at WVU; I sent the
link to him to look at and this is his reply:

This is an exquisite specimen of Eratocrinus commaticus (Miller, 1891),
a zeacrinitid cladid, known from the upper part of the Warsaw Fm.
of Missouri. See Kammer and Ausich (1994), Journal of Paleontology,
v. 68, p. 343, Figure 3.18-3.21. Please pass this information along to the
party that posted the picture on the web.

Thomas W. Kammer
Eberly College Centennial Professor of Geology
Department of Geology and Geography
West Virginia University

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