Petrodus sp.
Shark dermal denticles (oscicles)

Middle Pennsylvanian Series
Desmoinesian Stage - Marmaton Group
Altamont Formation - Lake Neosho Shale Member
St. Louis, Missouri

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Petrodus sp. dermal denticles
Petrodus sp. - dermal denticles

These denticles formed an overlapping skin armor that protected the sharks.
These denticles are called Petrodus. At one time they were assumed to be from
a single species of shark, but they have been found associated with a number
of different species. Petrodus patelliformis is no longer considered correct.

Barry Sutton

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For you skin-bump freaks ...
Type in dermal denticle as a search term (or Click Here for search results)
You'll get a bunch of hits and some of which are Carboniferous beauties.
Steve Pavelsky

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Barry Sutton