An Usual Geological Time Chart
Submitted for your review by Alan Goldstein

This time chart was mailed to the Falls of the Ohio State Park's gift shop as an item to sell. It has so many errors it is almost as funny as the chart found in the satire book "Science Made Stupid." So here is the challenge: How many errors can you find? We will post them below. Please look at any other posts first, so you don't list the same error. I will start with two of the easiest:
1) Ordovician spelled wrong.
2) Permian is placed in the Mesozoic rather than the Paleozoic.
3)... Your turn!

Alan Goldstein


Maybe they are trying to lead the pack with the Permian, I am of the
opinion that the Permian and Triassic probably should be lumped together,
in their own era. Of course, I can spell Ordovician.
Brent Ashcraft

Hmm. "Permiassic" does have a nice ring to it.

In spanish we already have that word: Permotriasico (Permico+Triasico).
Is not used very often but I read it a few times.

Wow, something that I thought may actually have merit?
Brent Ashcraft

As a starter, (1) "Earliest Vertebrates" in the "Ordavician," (2) "End of Amphibians"
at the end of the Mississippian (Tell that to Kermit), and (3) "Primitive Animals" at the
beginning of the Triassic (apparently invertebrates, trilobites, vertebrates, fish, sharks,
amphibians, insects, and reptiles are not animals). There are many other finer points
not worth mentioning.
John Stroman

- Pleistocene should be 1,000,000 years.
- Reptiles suddenly became prominEnt during Eocene?
- Were there ammonoids in the Paleocene? I know there were coiled nautiloids.
- Paleocene started at 65ma.
- Tertiary is now Paleogene & Neogene, but that's forgiveable.
- Subdivisions of Paleozoic & Mesozoic are periods, not epochs.
- Noah's Ark is not shown among the other graphics.:-)

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