Killer large echinoid from Morocco
Gymnocidaris koechlini
Moyan Atlas, Morocco

Gymnocidaris koechlini

Gymnocidaris koechlini
Gymnocidaris koechlini

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The ID card is approximately 3.5 inches

Carl Cook and I joined Dave and Cindy Lochhaas (Columbia, MO)
at the show today here in St. Louis. We had a lot of fun visiting and
looking at all the minerals and fossils.

Special thanks to John Schooler for allowing me to remove
this specimen from his display case to get this photograph.

I sent this web page to a friend who is a Paleontologist.
I still chuckle every time I read his humorous reply.

Holy Cow what knockers! That is one of the best echinoids
I have ever seen. The owner knows it too, $3K. I have
never seen spines that large before on such a small urchin.
I am sure mama and papa urchin were very proud.

Barry Sutton

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