Velociraptor (MAPS Fossil Expo 2006)

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Velociraptor 7
Photography by Barry Sutton

Velociraptor model that I acquired at MAPS. It is on a 1/1 scale,
and was created by a well known artist that has done work for
Disney. A real Vraptor skull was used as a model in making the
head to assure accurate size and shape. The "protofeathers"
came from a special made fiber used for the lion hair in the movie
"The ghost and the darkness." The silicone used for the hands, feet,
and face/mouth is made of Platinum-based silicone, rather than
tin-based silicone, resulting in longer life of the parts. The teeth
and claws are made of high quality dental material that will last
quite a long time, and also looks very real. I am very proud
of this acquisition to my paleo specimens.

Carl Cook

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