Fossil Collecting Around Louisville
June 17 & 18, 2005

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Coral Ridge collecting requires a lot of crawling on ones
hands and knees. The fossils (especially the best ones) are
too small to see from a standing position. This photo was taken
from a gully looking up at one of the better collecting areas.


Aulocystis auloporoidea and Aulocystis frutictosa occur in a
distinct zone. It is not continuous over a very large area however.

Dolatocrinus sp. 3

Discovery photo of Dolatocrinus, with a finger for scale.
Possibly D. grandis, one of the larger species.

Dolatocrinus sp. 4

Cuts to remove the crinoid. In this argillaceous limestone it
came out quite easily, but in crystalline limestone it often is
much more difficult!

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