Iron Out vs. Rock Quat vs. CLR on Kyanite
with iron stains and hematite

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Images of the Kyanite before the Iron Out has had any effect.

1 2

3 4

After 24 hours in Iron Out

5 6

7 8

Final Results

After one week of soaking in the Iron Out I was not fully satisfied and put the kyanite in the CLR for a few more days. I think this is as good as it is going to get. Of interesting note, the Iron Out developed an emulsified look to it with islands of greasy looking material floating on the top as a scum. The CLR remained clear throughout but darkened considerably over time to a tea color as it leached the specimen.

The residual “stain” is actually in the mineral. All the surface iron seems to have been removed leaving clean quartz, kyanite and an iron mineral, perhaps hematite or magnetite micro crystals.

9   10

11 12

The two links below tell about the Willis Mountain Mine where this sample
was collected and from a field trip that show the geology of the site and
some pictures from the mine.

I found this sheet between two slabs that I separated on the top of the mountain.

Link #1: Click Here
Link #2: Click Here

Discussion: Click Here

Jim Wyatt

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