Kueichouphyllum sinense Yu 1931
Coral from the Lower Carboniferous of China


Martínez Días, Carlos & Cornelis Frederik Winkler Prins. 1983. The Carboniferous
of the world, Volume 1; Issue 16 of International Union of Geological Sciences Publication.
Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, Empresa Nacional Adaro de Investigaciones Mineras.
ISBN 8430099492, 9788430099498 pp. 21-32.

Phylum: Coelenterata
Class: Rugosa
Order: Stauriida
Family: Aulophyllidae
Genus: Kueichouphyllum
Species: Kueichouphyllum sinense Yü, 1931, Bull. geol. Soc. China, 10, 23.
Common name: Lamb Horn Coral.
Lower Carboniferous, Datangian Stage
South China, Guizhou Province
Possibly the Chiusso or Shangsso Formation of SE Guizhou

Indentification based on those offering these for sale on the Internet.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who can confirm
or point to a different name for this very interesting coral.

Steve Hill

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