Fish Jaw or Spine?

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Mississippian fossil fish spine

Fossil shark teeth and scales are well-known from the Indian Springs Shale member
of the Big Clifty Formation, Chesterian, Upper Mississippian from the Sulphur road
cut in Crawford Co., Indiana. Fossil chimerids have also been found here. Occasionally,
something unexpected is found, including this jaw (about 2.5 cm long). I think it belongs
to a fish, but it is not a shark because the teeth do not appear in rows. I don’t think it is
a bizarre shark spine, although that is within the realm of possibility. So here it is. Let us
know what you think it is. Post your thoughts on the PaleoList. It was found by a
Falls of the Ohio park volunteer a month or two ago.

Alan Goldstein

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Mystery Fossil Identified

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