Exanthesis ovatus Finks et al., 2011
Eocene Sponge, North Carolina
Castle Hayne Formation (Member or horizon uncertain)
Middle-Upper Eocene (Lutetian-Priabonian)
Collected August 2009 near Maple Hill, Pender Co., NC.
Length: 5 inches

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Exanthesis ovatus

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The degree of organization of this critter is pretty amazing. It's not
clear from the pics, but it has two completely independent water-channel
systems. One is in extensive communication with the outside through the
openings visible in the exterior covering. The areas of the exterior
without openings cover a second system that I believe only communicates
with the outside at its ends. I could not find any place where it
looked like the two systems were connected.

Finks, Robert M., Hollocher, Kurt, and Thies, Kenneth J., 2011.
A Major Eocene Sponge Fauna (Castle Hayne Formation, North Carolina).
Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science, 127(2), pp. 39-175.

Frank Holterhoff

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