Undescribed fossils
October 8, 2009

A few years ago Steven Hill (list member) came to my house for a visit and to look at the collection. We always have fun sharing information and discussing fossils as well as other subjects. Steven will ask for references on any fossil in question. Sometimes it can be frustrating arguing a subject without references.

While looking at some fossils on a table in the living room, Steven pointed out a couple of fossils he didn't recognize. I told him I only recently collected them and I believed that they were Undescribed and shared with him what I thought they represented.

Steven disagreed with my identifications.
Offering the images with my identifications for discussion.

Undescribed fossil #1

Undescribed fossil #2

For advocates of the Young Earth theory ...
It's Paleo Humor... and No I haven't seen Elvis lately.

Barry Sutton

Viewer Comments (October 2009)

You can only find specimens like these if you put your tongue into your cheek while on the outcrop!

The first is obviously a Missohippus, known in Europe as a Lowercarbohippus.

The second is a Warsawhandia. It is a transition fossil. Notice how the pinkie is evolving from the four-fingered Fernglenhandia to the full five-fingered Salemhandia. It wasn't until the middle Chester that nails appear on each finger.

P.S. I've got a Florida polar bear "fossil" about the same size as your horse!

Fossil 2 is definitely Michael Jackson's other glove.

I have seen photos of similar structures as photo number two, they were reported to be trace fossils, called digitate feeding structures. The ones I saw photos of were from the Pennsylvanian in Texas.

Yea, but the ones in Texas usually have a fossilized long-neck beer bottle clenched in the digits  :-)

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