Pennsylvanian nautiloid
Late Pennsylvanian Series - Virgilian Stage
Shawnee Group - Topeka Limestone
Elk County, Kansas

Pictures were sent in hopes to obtain an ID for a youth's Geology
entry in a Kansas County Fair.

The Paleolist to the rescue: Fossil identified

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Domatoceras sp. 1
Domatoceras sp.

Domatoceras sp. 2
Domatoceras sp.

 3 Reverse

The original page only had picture #1 seeking identification of this ammonoid.

Mark McKinzie replied: That has all the makings of a Domatoceras nautiloid (NOT an ammonoid). However, to be sure another picture needs to be taken of the keel (outer rim) as it should be flat and possibly starting to develop a scalloped edge on both sides towards the outer (aperatural) end if it is a mature specimen. Any shell ornamentation should consist of very fine (faint) growth lines. Big ones are commonly flattened from the Pennsylvanian Mid-continent region.
Mark McKinzie

Later...Pictures 2 and 3 were added.

Mark's observations were correct and the specimen
is in fact the nautiloid: Domatoceras sp.

Barry Sutton

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