Digital hand-held microscopes

Imaging fossils (Dino-Lite microscope) click on image to magnify

Fossil Images
Captured with hand-held microscopes

Dino-Lite AM413T
Barry Sutton

Veho VMS-004 Deluxe
Mark Mehle

Michael Schmidt

Karl A. Wilson

Dino-Lite handheld digital microscopes

View and capture images as seen on the computer monitor.
The only thing that is complicated is deciding which model
is the best for our needs and budgets.

Overview (trade show demo)

Dino-Lite image Gallery
1st image (dollar bill) is animated
illustrates various magnification levels

Photo Galleries by Applications

Models and Accessories 1

YouTube links

Overview (trade show demo)

Demonstration 1   Demonstration 2   Demonstration 3

Coins & Collectibles

Software Features

Add Measurements on the pictures
Software - Calibration

Dino-Lite Product Lines

YouTube search: "Dino-Lite"

All the Dino-Lite microscopes look very similar, it can be a
little confusing when trying to select the appropriate model
for your application.

Which microscope should I purchase?
Very helpful flow chart

Buyer's Guide

Dino-Lite home page

Celestron handheld digital microscope

Imaging Fossils (Celestron microscope)

View and capture images as seen on the computer monitor
with this $69 handheld scope

Veho handheld digital microscopes

 Imaging Fossils (Veho microscope)

There are a number of models to choose from
Google Search Veho digital microscopes
YouTube video
Veho VMS-004 Deluxe

There are several brands of handheld microscopes on the market.
Image Search:  Digital hand held microscope

No longer is it necessary to learn photography in order capture images
to share with others. When the image looks good on the computer monitor,
"Click" to save the image.

Barry Sutton

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