Two old friends enjoying a beautiful Fall day
fossil hunting in the colorful Fern Glen Formation

Fern Glen Formation
Quarry - near St. Louis, MO

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Carl in the vehicle and Barry taking some pictures

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9 10

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15 16

We didn't take pictures of the typical Fern Glen fossils found. Several are featured
on the Mississippian fossils of Missouri - Fern Glen Formation web site.

FYI - This non-working quarry is gated and closed to the public.

Barry Sutton and Carl Cook

Viewer Comments

Great pictures! I loved the swimming pool (or is that Lake Neosho?), but suppose it
would be very expensive to heat. The reptilian fossil (Pic #15) shows remarkable
3D preservation. Doesn’t look like Carl would have much work to do on that one ;-).

Wish I could have been there or someplace just like it weather or scenic-wise.

That's obviously the local Geico agent. Dang salesmen are everywhere!

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