Recent Discovery in Russia
March 2008

Recently Alexander (Moscow, Russia) took a friend fossil hunting. His friend found
what Alexander described to me as some very interesting small round spheres
covered by a limy dust.

Alexander washed off the dust from one of these spheres and was successful
in identifying what his friend found and agreed they would share in the credits
and Alexander would be the co-author.

Alexander photographed the find and sent it to me.

I would like to share the picture of the recent find in Russia with the membership.

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Barry Sutton


These fossils are ubiquitous throughout quarries in Nebraska, Kansas,
and Iowa, and are commonly referred to as rabbitoids.
Roger P.

ermm! explain. pleeeeeese! Lots of similar here in Dorset but not to
do with rabbits.
Doreen (Dorset UK)

I think he meant "rabbit turds"... but he typed it with a Brooklyn accent
Sorry guys, couldn't resist.

Holy Crap! What a find!

LOL ... Happy to see I'm not the only pun-ny one out here. :o)

We call them sponges! and very occasionally you can break one and
find the structure still inside. Iron Age man used to make armlets out
of them. You can find little clusters of them on a hillside where the
twine they threaded them on has long gone. Or maybe they collected
them for an early game of marbles. The bigger ones make great sling shot
Doreen (Dorset UK)

Looks like a Glyptocrinus!
Steve P.

Do you know how long it took me to figure out those weren't small
echinoids? :-) They're especially hard to identify correctly when
they're frozen.

Just for grins, that Russian technical term is pronounced

Interesting how similar it is to the same word in Spanish.

The paintballers could use those instead of paint balls.
Think how much cheaper and greener that would be!

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