Mystery gift from a friend

A friend recently gave me a gift with no documentation. It is a slab that has been polished.
I'm pretty sure it is a fossil but I don't know what it is. It may be some kind of root ball
to a tree fern. It is 16 x 10 inches and the edge looks like some weird kind of bark.

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Tom Caggiano


1.  It looks like petrified palm root, possibly from California.

2.  I'm pretty sure it is tree fern.

3.  While not an exact match, it does resemble Tietea singularis [Psaronius sinuosus]
from Brazil, Maranhao, Pedra de Fogo Fm., Permian, Araguaina Petrified Forest.
I must admit, palm root could also be a possibility.

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