Fossils of the Owl Creek Formation

The Owl Creek deposit dates to the end of the Cretaceous, and was first identified
in southeastern Missouri near a town named Ardeola by Lloyd Stephenson in 1955
in a paper entitled "Owl Creek (upper Cretaceous) Fossils from Crowley's Ridge
Southeastern Missouri" Geologic Survey Professional Paper 274-E. The deposit is
a mudstone, featuring a diverse fauna preserved generally as molds and casts in the
soil. It represents an oceanic environment of an extension of the Gulf of Mexico,
known as the Mississippi Embayment.

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Large clam   Pholadomya tippana

small shark tooth

Section of a gonatitic ammonite   Sphenodiscus sp.

5 6
Ammonite   Discoscaphites iris

5" razor clam   Pinna laqueta

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