Collapsible Field Cart

A year or so ago on Paleolist we had a discussion regarding light weight
wheel barrows, carts, and other carryalls for packing out fossils. Someone
suggested the Collapsible Game Cart ( Item # QR-225958. Price: $109.99)
offered by Cabela's ( ) and I investigated and
purchased it.

About a month ago Cindy and I put it to use on a trip through Oklahoma.
I strapped the collapsed cart to a backpack frame, it only weighs 36 lbs.,
and packed it for about a half mile. We loaded it with about 200 hundred
pounds of rock and pulled it out.

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The wheels have bearings and roll easily. It has 24 in. between the wheels
and a clearance of about 10 in. When collapsed the entire cart forms
a single unit with all parts attached. The cart is rated at 250 lbs. but I
feel that would have been too much of a load. Even at 200 lbs. the wheel
rims, a polymer material, flexed a disconcerting amount when rolling over
the rocky path. However, no trouble was encountered and material was
collected that otherwise would have been impossible to remove. The
collapsed cart also fit nicely in the back of the Jeep, taking up less room
than a spare tire.

I would recommend this item to anyone with the need if they can work
within its specifications.

Dave Lochhaas
Columbia, Missouri

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