Written in the Hills
Geology of the Ozarks, part 5

Bruce Stinchcomb

Middle and Upper Ordovician strata are mentioned. Very little Silurian or Devonian strata
are represented in the uplift. Localized Silurian and Devonian strata are present, usually
where they have been preserved in ancient sinkholes (paleokarsts). Uppermost Devonian
strata with some placoderm teeth are found just below Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous)
strata. Extensive Mississippian strata is represented containing world class crinoids as well as
other fossil echinoderms. Upper Mississippian strata (mentioned as muddy and murky with
strange organisms) includes the Fayetteville Shale, a prolific source of natural gas now being
produced by "fracking".

Ozarks Paleontology