Ditomopyge sp.

Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian Stage)
Skiatook Group
Nellie Bly Formation
Nellie Bly Shale
Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Often incorrectly referred to as the Hogshooter or the New Harmony Formation

Ditomopyge sp. Ditomopyge sp.
Ditomopyge sp.

Before and After preparation with a micro-abrasive unit.
Special thanks to Carl Cook for preparing this specimen.

This specimen (embedded in a nodule) was originally on loan from Olen Taylor.
I was fortunate to acquire it at the MAPS show in March 2003.

Olen (a dear and close friend) hunted this shale locality for several years before
he passed away in 2010. Olen said, "This is the only specimen that I have found
in the out-stretched position." He found hundreds of small enrolled trilobites.
This specimen is extremely rare (at this now "closed" locality).


According to the experts they are two species of Ditomopyge. Ditomopyge scitula
and Ditomopyge decurtata. D. scitula was the first to appear. In the late Pennsylvanian
D. decurtata evolved and the other disappeared. D. decurtata lived on into the Permian.

I believe this trilobite from the Nellie Bly is Ditomopyge scitula.
Dr. Roger Pabian did a paper on them many years ago.

Bill Rushlau

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