Floydia concentrica

Devonian gastropod
Lime Creek Formation
Cerro Gordo member
Rockford, Iowa

Floydia concentrica
Floydia concentrica

This is an extremely rare specimen because it has
the original shell. Internal molds are common.

Mark VanHeel collected this specimen and I was
fortunate to acquire it in trade.

Viewer Comments:

The exterior of the gastropod shell has a nice
colony of an auloporid coral on it. The chambers
are too large to be a bryozoan, and the colony has
a typical auloporid shape.
Tom Yancey

It looks like the Floydia concentrica has a nice little
coral colony growing on it. I'm not sure what kind
they are but they resemble Syringopora of the
Pennsylvanian so that may put them in a family.
Neat fossil.
Dr. Roger Pabian

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