Chimaeroid Egg Capsule
Keasey Formation
Nehalem River - Columbia County - near Vernonia, Oregon

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Chimaeroid Egg Capsule

Chimaeroid Egg Capsule  Chimaeroid Egg Capsule

Chimaeroid Egg Capsule
Chimaeroid Egg Capsule

This fossil was found in August 2009 on a NARG (North America Research Group) field trip.

Modern (Ghost shark) egg capsule
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Ghost shark egg capsule - Callorhinchus milii


Fossil Egg Capsules of Chimaeroid Fishes (PDF)
Roland W. Brown
Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 20, No. 3 (May, 1946), pp. 261-266

Special thanks to Peg Johnson for permission
to archive her photographs of this rare fossil.
Permission required for use of these images on
other websites or in paper publications.

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