Burlington coral list
"Faunal List and Descriptions of Paleozoic Corals,"
GSA Memoir 44, 1950
R.S. Bassler

The following are Missouri Burlington corals from R. S. Bassler's "Faunal Lists
and Descriptions of Paleozoic Coral" GSA Memoir 44, 1950 . Note that with a
particular genus, some are probably synonymous with one another. Rowley's corals
are especially suspect since that was out of his area of expertise. The "?" means that
the book does not list a specific location (it could be Missouri or Iowa).

Amplexus archimediformis Rowley
A. bicostatus Miller 1892?
A. fragilis White & St. John 1868?
A. radgerus Rowley 1901
A. vermicularis Rowley 1901
Caninia corniculum (Miller) 1891 =? A. blairi (Miller) 1891
Cyathaxonia tantilla (Miller) 1891
C. winchelli (Rowley) 1900
Dipterophyllum glans (White) 1862
Hapsiphyllum calceola (White & Whitfield) 1862
Microcyclus blairi Miller 1881 (W of Osceola, MO)
Triplophyllites centralis (Edwards & Haime) 1851
T. cliffordanus (Edwards & Haime) 1851
T. dalei (Edwards & Haime) 1851
Zaphrentis capituliforis Rowley 1900
Z. ellipica White 1862
Z. lanceolata Worthen 1890
Z. radicula Rowley 1900

Cladochonus americanus (Weller)?
C. amplexus (Rowley) 1901
C. gracilis (Keyes) 1893
C. longi (Rowley) 1901
Favosites divergens (Winchell) 1862?
Striatopora carbonaria White 1862
Syringopora harveyi White 1862?

Burlington Formation

Mississippian Fossils of Missouri