The fossiliferous Fern Glen Formation

Fossiliferous Fern Glen Formation

The fossiliferous Fern Glen Formation after a rain. White fossils "pop out" on the bright reddish matrix.

When dry, the matrix returns to a lighter sandy reddish color.
The fossils (while remaining white) will have a dusty reddish cast.

I always carry a gallon of water and a spray bottle with me when hunting the
Fern Glen Formation. The spray is adjusted to a light mist and a couple of
squeezes on the trigger ... The fossils instantly "pop out" just like in the picture.
When hunting the Fern Glen Formation ... I take my rain with me.

This matrix was coated with a mixture of shellac and denatured alcohol to
preserve the appearance after a rain. OK ... It makes a "showy" presentation!

Fern Glen Formation
Mississippian Fossils of Missouri