Burlington Crinoid Display

Osagean Series
Upper Burlington Formation
Monroe County, Missouri

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Burlington Crinoids
Burlington Crinoids

Top row:  Uperocrinus pyriformis & Physetocrinus ventricosus
Bottom Row:  U. pyriformis - P. ventricosus - P. ventricosus - U. pyriformis

This picture appeared on the October 2000 MAPS cover. This display was found and
prepared by Carl Cook. It is one of the best crinoid displays that I have ever seen.

Some have asked if these fossils were found separately. The answer is no, however,
the U. pyriformis at the top can give that impression. I was with Carl when he collected
the matrix and only 3 of the 6 crinoids were visible. Most of the matrix was removed
exploring for other crinoids. The decission was made to leave the crinoids in the same
orientation as they appeared in the matrix, including the U. pyriformis at the top. Removing
the matrix from behind the crinoids makes for a unique and interesting presentation.

Burlington Formation

Mississippian Fossils of Missouri