Camarotoechia grosvenori (Hall)

Meramecian Series
Salem Formation
St. Louis County, Missouri

Camarotoechia grosvenori (Hall)  Camarotoechia grosvenori (Hall)
Camarotoechia grosvenori (Hall)
Camarotoechia grosvenori (Hall)

This is one of several types of brachiopds found at this locality.
All of the brachs have the same crystalline preservation.

This tooth was collected at the same locality where the
shark tooth Symmorium sp. was collected.

Thanks to Alan Goldstein for the identification

Viewer Comments:

Based on the number of plications, I would say the
brachiopod is Camarotoechia grosvenori (Hall).
Alan Goldstein

It is not easy to identify a fossil with a picture. All I
can tell you at this time is that they are rhynchonellid
brachs. If you find a Brach from your location called
Hustedia or Wellerella they are related.
Bill Rushlau

Salem Formation

Mississippian Fossils of Missouri