The Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis, Missouri

On Sunday, October 12, 2003, Dr. Steven R. Hill (Botanist at the Illinois
Natural History Survey in Champaign, and a Research Associate at the
Missouri Botanical Garden) gave a tour of a portion of the Botanical
Garden as well as portions of the Monsanto Building, containing a large
part of the research Herbarium as well as the Garden’s Library, to guests
Barry Sutton, his daughter Rachael, and their friend Dorothy (Dot).
The Images of this tour were made by Barry. The Botanical Garden is
open to the public. Visitors to the Monsanto Building facilities normally
must obtain a Visitor’s pass at the security desk just inside of its main
entrance to use the Library, and prior arrangements are normally
necessary to visit the Herbarium.

The Linnean House

The Linnean House, an early-style temperate (cool) greenhouse in the
European style, with its associated formal water garden (in the foreground).
The plant in the center of the photograph is the Egyptian papyrus plant
(Cyperus papyrus L.). On each side are tall rose-flowered Cannas, and
Chrysanthemums are in the foreground planting. Also in the image are,
from right to left, Dr. Steven R. Hill (Research Associate at the Missouri
Botanical Garden), Rachael, and Dot.

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