Paleontology and Geology of Missouri

Barry Sutton and Norman King
Barry Sutton (standing) and Dr. Norman R. King
studying the formations at the I-170 Pennsylvanian exposure
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This site is a Paleontological research project based in
St. Louis, Missouri, devoted to the study of the geological
formations in Missouri. Primary focus is the study of the
geological formations in the St. Louis area.

Fossils grouped by formation

Pennsylvanian fossils
St. Louis Pennsylvanian Fossils of the Altamont Formation
The I-170 Exposure includes the fossiliferous Lake Neosho Shale Member

I-170 Pennsylvanian locality
The I-170 Pennsylvanian Exposure in St. Louis, Missouri
This link takes you to a discussion by Dr. Norman R. King, Professor of
Geology at the University of Southern Indiana, about the rocks
exposed at the I-170 highway cut. Dr. King describes the rock units
and correlates them with rock units elsewhere in the Midcontinent
region. He interprets their environments of deposition, and also places
them in the context of larger-scale geological processes taking place
in the Midcontinent region and around the globe during the
Pennsylvanian Period.

Mississippian fossils
Mississippian Fossils of Missouri

Other Fossils (USA and World Wide)

Evactinopora radiata
This link takes you to a website showcasing one of the most
unusual Mississippian (early Carboniferous) fossils that occur
in the midcontinent region of North America. The fossil,
Evactinopora, a bryozoan colony, stands distinct because
of its star-shaped form.

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Recent additions and updates to all fossil menus

The Library
My library is listed here to help with networking.
It is easier to refer to book, page, and plate when
others are referring to the same reference.

Missouri fossils
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Geologic Map of Missouri

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Geology of Missouri

Russia-USA joint venture projects

Fossils (Russia)
Carboniferous fossils of Russia
Produced by: Barry Sutton, Alexander Davydov and Tom Yancey
This website is presented to showcase Carboniferous fossils of the
Moscow region of Russia; an area that is world famous for beautifully
preserved fossils.

This website is presented to showcase Carboniferous fossils of the
Moscow region of Russia; an area that is world famous for beautifully
preserved fossils. This website provides an opportunity to see fossils
of those deposits that are poorly known outside Russia or have not
been illustrated with high quality photos. Some of the Late
Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) fossils occur in both the Moscow
region and in the American midcontinent.

This web site is presented as a vehicle to provide documentation of
some important fossil sites and to provide an educational resource
for persons wanting to know more about late Carboniferous fossils.
The web site is the responsibility of Mr. Barry Sutton, Dr. Tom Yancey
and Dr. Alexander Davydov (M. D.)

Russia USA Joint Venture
Russia-USA joint venture Paleontology project
Language separates us ... Pictures bring us together
Alexander Davydov (Moscow, Russia)
Barry Sutton (St. Louis, Missouri - USA)

Fossil Hunt (Russia)
Summer fossil hunt in Russia
Join Alexander and friends on a fossil hunt in Russia.
A very unique and enjoyable visual experience.

"Language separates us ... Pictures bring us together"
Barry Sutton and Alexander Davydov

Fossil Hunt in Russia
Once on a rainy day ...
Jurassic fossil hunt (Russia)
Abandoned phosphate mines
outskirts of the city of Voskresensk, near village of Lopatino
distance from Moscow: 50 miles
"Language separates us ... Pictures bring us together"
Barry Sutton and Alexander Davydov

Fun and Informative Projects

Austin's First Fossil Hunt
My daughter and I took a future Paleontologist
on his first fossil hunt

We took the Water Pump on this fossil hunt
When we fossil hunt near water ... we always take the pump

A Trilobite Tale
Cutting out a fossil with a field Rock Saw

The Missouri Botanical Garden
Dr. Steven R. Hill (Botanist at the Illinois Natural History Survey in
Champaign, and a Research Associate at the Missouri Botanical
Garden) gave a tour of a portion of the Botanical Garden as well as
portions of the Monsanto Building.

Missouri Fossils
by: Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb
Excellent overview of the Geology and Fossils of Missouri
This web publication authorized by Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb

Ozarks Paleontology
Bruce L. Stinchcomb, Ph.D.,
Fossils, many of which are different from
those typically archived elsewhere on the Internet.

Identifying Some Common Archimedes Bryozoans
Alan Goldstein identifies specimens from his collection

Problematic fossil
This fossil is one of two brought to us over a period of
several years by individuals seeking an identification.

MAPS Fossil Show (MAPS Fossil Expo)
World's Largest Fossil-only Show
Current information about the next fossil show

Paleolist Photo Album
Paleolist - Internet fossil discussion group

Are you a member of a Paleontology or Fossil Internet discussion group?

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Geologic units Missouri

Geologic units in St. Louis county, Missouri

The Geology of Missouri
Jo Schaper

Prehistoric Life of St. Louis City/County, Mo.
History's Time Portal to Old St. Louis (Home Page)
by: Scott Williams

Other Links

Nebraska Invertebrate Fossils
Dr. Roger K. Pabian

Anomalosaepia (Eocene sepioid cephalopods)
Web page prepared by T.E. Yancey
(Eocene sepioid cephalopods)
Web page prepared by T.E. Yancey

New York Paleontology
Fossils of the Empire State
and the Strata In Which They Are Found
by: Dr. Karl A. Wilson Home Page

Oceans of Kansas - Paleontology
Dr. Mike Everhart

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
Dr. Sam Gon III

Photo Gallery of Dinosaur Tracks  
Glen J. Kuban - Home page

Discovering Fossils
Roy Shepherd and Lucinda Algar Home Page:
Something for Everyone!
This site is about the Jurassic of Russia and adjacent areas.
Publications, history and present-day information on the
Jurassic of Russia.

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Brown Recluse spider on the Web
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close-up pictures of a spider ... Do NOT click on this link.

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